Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stocking gives comfort to a sprained ankle

Have you had a sprain in the leg, perhaps because of sports, fell from the stairs or trip over something? A sprained foot will be sore and is likely to swell.
At one point I had a sprained foot while playing soccer with friends in college. At that time, so my enthusiasm to play and carry the ball forward the goal, regardless of the left side of an opposing player came and tried to steal the ball. I had tackling an opposing player to do on my ankle, so I fell. I screamed in pain so I could not continue the game. This is my experience, how the pain of the sprained foot. Many friends who suggest to a sprained foot massage or use the ointment. That's all I have done, but it still hurts. Then a friend suggested using jobst Stockings. Jobst stockings it can help cure a sprained foot, was proven when I buy jobst stocking and use it a few days. Legs felt like tied tightly, so the sprained part felt comfortable, because by using this the foot or ankle felt squeezed by a soft and helps eliminate the pain in my legs.


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