Thursday, March 19, 2009

Business Coaching for Startups

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Fri, 6 Mar 2009

Are you in the process of starting a new business? This can be a fun, yet trying time in your career. While you want to make sure that your business succeeds, this is easier said than done. That is why you need to get all the help you can. If you consider adding a business coach to your team you will have a better chance of early success and profits. And that is what you want, right?

Many startups don't hire a business coach because they are worried about one thing: losing control. But remember, a coach is not there to take over your life. Instead, your coach will be available to work with you in the areas you need help while staying out of the way when you can do things on your own. It is important to note that your business coach will ask for your guidance. Sure, they are going to give you help but you need to tell them what you are looking to accomplish. There is no reason to believe that your business coach will step on your toes.

Even though you may be trying to save money as a startup, there are some expenses that are worth the money. Is a business coach one of them? The majority of companies that have worked with a business coach will answer “yes.” You can always experiment with a business coach for a few weeks, and then decide after that if you want to keep with it or move on for the time being.

Startups need a lot of help, and a business coach can definitely offer quality assistance in a number of areas.

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ActionCOACH was founded over 15 years ago in Australia, by Brad Sugars, and has since helped thousands of business owners, not only in Australia, but throughout the world achieve business success through business re-education.



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