Thursday, May 21, 2009

Build Your Business with Four Steps.

Creating a successful and profitable business is not easy. Depends on many outside factors, including competition, demand and the time it takes to start ounce. The assumption that all the factors outside their favor, have a solid business plan can lead to economic success. Here are five steps to consider if your business from the ground:

1. Meaning of your organization. What are selling?
Question is not as easy as it may think. For example, the Nike sports shop, but the truth is that if you buy a pair of Nike shoes and shirt in the mall to buy more than sport - to buy images, feelings. Nike bought the brand. Richard Thalheim, former managing director and a clear picture of, designed specifically for retailers in more than 30 years. When asked about his business, you can say, "light" or "modification" before a specific industry, and built one of the strongest brands in the United States. Please note there is more for the products of the product. Is what makes the product among its competitors.

2. Select markets. May sell one?
This step is a little less of interpretation in the first place, but equally important. May sell one? or more importantly, what you said about this year? You understand that the consumer is the key to success. What are you doing? Where they? What do you watch television? This is just a series of questions that need to know about the consumer. Do you know the answer to this question is found in possession of a lot of questions when it comes to developing marketing strategies. Richard Thalheim, understand that the biggest market of images, they can understand. In an article in the LA Times, Tracy Wan, President and Chief Operating Officer Thalheim said: "Richard has a breathtaking ability to know what they want." The ability to see the desire of consumers, ie, you can only know that as a result of their neighbors.

3. Create a marketing strategy. How we deal with these people?
This is the culmination of the brand and its customers. Numerically the two is clear, said that the consumers a lot of questions about their marketing strategies: Where to advertise? What does your brand sound? Kind of reasonable price for this demographic? A customer, also known as sell your product for you, you need to know where to see your ad, how to talk to them, and how much can pass, among other things. Actually, this is your last, because the market is a marketing strategy that delivers complete.

4. Find out with an example. Seek advice from people who have to make.
There are many books written by professionals who started their own successful business and do. May come to mind immediately, as we mentioned a few times, Richard Thalheim. "Have you a picture of fraud" in stories about how his company to supply a small office, the sharper the image, which is a company that is today.

Remember that a successful economy is not all about the dollars and cents. So how important is your brand and your ability for your customers is only by understanding them. Suppose that a demand for your product, and can compete with other brands, four steps will guide you in the right direction.


@ndrew May 23, 2009 at 10:33 PM  

Ok Michael, it's a great idea. Since we knew that make new business it not easy as we think. But to be success we have to star any business asap.

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