Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu Attenuate of Stock Market

Monday, 27/04/2009 16:27 GMT+7 (
Tokyo - Outbreak of swine flu consecutive market share. Stock-share price weakness due to the increasing concerns of swine flu.

In the trade Monday (27/4/2009), European stock-exchange opened directly weakened. FTSE index in London weakened 1.2%, Dax Frankfurt weakened 1.9%, Paris CAC weakened 1.83%. Similarly, the Asian stock-exchanges such as Hong Kong weaken weakened 2.73%, Seoul down 1.05%. Only Sydney and Tokyo exchanges that increase thin respective 0.21% and 0.5%.

Weakening exchange-regional exchanges that also brought the influence of exchange to Indonesia. At the close of stock trading Monday (27/4/2009) JCI 15,255 points down (0.96%) to 1576.081. At one session JCI down 3126 points (0.2%) to 1588.210.

"We estimate the uncertainty will hit the market during the weekend because of this increasing concern spread of swine flu. As SARS in 2003, (swine flu) this will give the jolt to the travel and tourism industry," said analysts from NetResearch Asia as quoted from the AFP.

As quoted from Reuters, share-shares associated with the travel and tourism movement weakened over spread of swine flu that has killed over 100 people in Mexico. Exchanges in Europe, the share of tourism and travel sector down to 4.5%. Meanwhile, airline stocks such as British Airways, Air France-KLM and Lufthansa are also weakened.

"The poor will be in the market with the swine flu because people will think more SARS virus. Pandemic threat increases the weakening global trade further," said Justin Urquhart Stewart, investment director of Seven Investment Management.


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