Friday, September 25, 2009

Make Your Customer Enjoy

The last thing we want to hear during our work day is complaints from customers. It will not come with the territory, however. Here are some tips on how to attract positive customer complaints.

1. Listen

When a client comes to you with a complaint from one of your products or services, to listen. Listen to what they say about you, and note if possible.
Number one, what customer’s want, when they have a problem is someone to listen.
That allows the wind to have it all. Once they explained their problems in their entirety, from the questions that must be done to complete the situation under control.
While listening, body language is very important. Be sure to maintain eye contact. This client, you have the message being taken seriously.

2. Being empathic

If the customer is declared finished showing their problem, sincerity, saying that it is to understand what they do. Sorry for the name of the company like them, and tell them that you are required to report their problems to solve in organizational guidelines.
The fact that the defensive in this situation, and still have a bad situation.
You are not in any way the customer wants anger, and anger.

3. Offering solutions.

We all know the expression "the customer is always right."
I disagree, but it is important that in seeking solutions, even if the customer is wrong. You will know if their customers are repeat offenders, and you can handle the situation accordingly.
For customers who have legitimate complaints, they have the best to improve the situation immediately. Does that mean that his return to his money, or replace their products?
Always leave your customers with your business card and told them that if they have a problem, should not hesitate to contact you immediately. This will help them back their confidence in you and your company.
The main objective, if a customer has a complaint of not letting the problems snowball. Your goal should be to calm the situation and retain your customers.
To answer this difficult situation in a professional, you will be a very satisfied customer complains that it can solve their problems and find respect for you.
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