Sunday, March 21, 2010

Managing Your Team Effectively

It just so happened that I have a different team from the exempted level employees recently took over. My natural thought was that the handling of this team was there, it is not exempted company employees to be tremendously easier, because I get so much time developing leadership does not have to spend. However, something interesting happened, something I noticed during the first week, this new team, while she and guides were very professional in their own rights, they had no direction. Most of them were angry with the way, how did the organization, and they had no hope of ever coming out. They felt it pierced to be.

What was most shocking to me was when I had a heart to heart talk with the team, and while those discussions took place, which often lasted more than an hour, I am out that those at a meeting with some of their previous managers in more than one year had not been!

As you can assume that serves a team if they will not even know the direction they headed in? As you can assume that they are improving, if you never have those conversations one on one, giving them areas to exceed in order to? Frankly, I was sad to see that while I had an amazing team with amazing talent, they have been neglected in all areas of management.

Small, medium or large organizations, it does not matter, we all deserve and should expect those at a time with our corporate leaders. There is no single person I've met, the main gaps in their talent as a manager or superintendent did not, and that includes me. Even if you plan to do 20-30 minutes per month with each person on your team, you will find very productive results in performance.

What are you talking about?

I think that many people are in uncomfortable situations. Of course, if you are a manager then you need to have that feeling, and quickly get over.

I think that the best approach is to ask about their career intentions first. Then, because you know them, learn and build a character profile, you will be able to contribute in behavioral and performance increases slightly during those meetings. I strongly suggest that you utilize a measurement tool to ensure that your meetings progressing month before the month I then rushed to exceed a template of a simple tool that I created. I also like to keep an electronic file that has just the things we talked about, or relevant information about this person. It is important to note that each tool that you are using can be in court, so you never write anything negative or derogatory to your forms.

The key is that you always build each member of your team. It is nice to surprise your employees with a bad, bad rating, or does, because you failed as a leader, work with them on these issues during the year. A good manager makes his employees know exactly where they stand at any time.


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