Friday, March 12, 2010

Moving the Goal

There is an art form in the business, I 'The call' moving target '. We all know the old saying that it is harder to hit a moving target, and if you have ever tried to shoot a moving target, say an ex-husband or wife, you know that there is a level of prediction unit invariably, and takes a little happiness in execution.

In the business world today, the moving target philosophy, which I am going to talk about change, careers. Yes, way back when you could work for a company for 30 years and retire. Today you're lucky, a 10-year span have. One of the reasons is the company ends up paying much more money to use you in a position to hold, which they feel can not be as valuable as it once was. Therefore, if companies 'X' his employees $ 10,000 more a year per customer service rep then society 'Y' then has to pay, they are not as 'profit', as they could be. There is a whole problem with the idea of profitability in corporate America, but that's another discussion together. I am telling you just watch as the old dusty business manager.

So how do you make sure that you are able to keep your career by ensuring you will not be a target, to reduce workforce? Simple, asshole move, move! Staying in the same position expresses nothing but year after year to learn your potential and your ability to down, new things. They are mainly standing. Sure, you may be able to do the job better then anyone else, but who cares, you make 4x everyone else, because you've been there for 20 years. They are also at risk of getting stuck in a certain way to conduct business. Is not that the big problem with managers who lack lead companies? Do you know a way to do business, and it is about it. If it does not work oh well.

So how do you continue to move? The best way is to sit down and plan your jumping frog movements. If you like IT, or customer service, or maintenance engineer (otherwise known as a janitor) then takes positions that act apply, with this job or another and continue to move. If there are no growth opportunities in your company, then go out from society. Any way, if you are an employee, the moving target philosophy, you will be much less likely to shoot. I should know three p.m. temporary corporate layoffs in 11 years, and I've never once been on the list.

Continue to move!


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