Friday, March 19, 2010

A White Collar, You Can Not Clean

It is not to think for some of us white collar businessmen hard that our clean cut look and expensive cars to protect us more minor crimes and inhuman behavior. We can see ourselves and our lifestyles as great examples of American dreams and solid training that forged the foundation for a clean life.

And yet new events by the banking industry to the unchanging greed, drools, prove temporary layoffs and the separation, that our humanity is not stronger than a daily criminal who robs a bank for more money. A corporate manager and a bank robber have a lot more in common than they might think:

• They both have a desire to get money quickly with as little work as possible.
• They both will go on getting this money without any regard for the lives they are destroying in the process.
• They both take away from those who did all the work so that they can feel a little wealthier.
• They both lie through their teeth when asked about their true intentions.

I'm not saying that all managers are bad, but surely I can make the argument that most of them are. It is not about the LOVE of a company, because I've written about before, but rather it is the self-centeredness of love. Please send the jobs to Mexico, India. Layoff thousands, while the company spends money on airplanes and travel for the elite few, cut 401 kilobytes, holidays, and raises, while the annual income to register, oh, and continue to wear this white collar shirt, the same be identifiable as a ski mask when you see everybody, run!


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