Wednesday, October 7, 2009

About laptop batteries

Laptops are no longer a luxury, almost everyone has a laptop. Benefits of the laptop is easy to carry, and battery as a power source.
Did you know that compensates for the laptop battery?
Nickel-cadmium (NiCd): they were first manufactured batteries for laptops. Which are relatively cheap, had a high performance and versatility, as it is used in a variety of products. However, NiCd batteries have been abandoned by manufacturers of notebook computers with the introduction of more efficient batteries and lighter.

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) NiMH was a big improvement in performance, reliability, cost, safety and capacity. The "memory effect" was the only issue with NiMH batteries, which must be discharged completely before recharging to get the best performance. These batteries are still found in older notebook models.

Lithium Ion (Lion): This type of battery has become the most popular laptops, because it eliminated the "memory effect, and much lighter than the other two are weighed. However, the market is also higher prices.

Cycle Battery:

A cycle of the battery each time you load or discharge a battery. Technically, is how the number of cycles a battery to perform before its nominal capacity below 80% of initial strength. Life cycles from 500 to 1200 are typical.

Battery Run Time:

Battery life depends on several factors. Most of the time is the design and application of energy such as the machine that determines the real-time operation of the battery. For example, using the screen to affect the hard drive and other accessories significantly tenure.

What are Smart and Dumb Laptop Batteries?

Some laptop batteries for internal microprocessor circuits that help manage the energy supplied to the battery charger to determine the correct algorithm for calculating the duration, or after the forum the battery system chip (SBS ) a state of charge (SOC) indication. These batteries are called "smart" batteries. The battery is described as "stupid" does not possess these characteristics, only colleagues or function can not be in power.

Optimization of Batteries:

1. "Condition" is a term for loading and unloading of a new laptop battery, to maximize performance and enable them to reach their full potential. The NiCd and NiMH batteries must be packaged to reduce at least once a month, the "memory effect".

2. Metal connectors must be cleaned to obtain good conductivity

3. Make sure that features power management of the device in the BIOS and operating system optimized, off-screen, more speed

4. Avoid using your laptop at night all the time while charging. The laptop must be turned off occasionally.

5. Store the battery in a cool, dry and clean, it will not be there for a month or longer in use.

6. Reduce the brightness of the LCD screen when I watch a movie on our laptop. The decryption of DVD movies and save it to your hard drive for permanent use of the DVD, how to avoid consuming too much electricity

7. Do not expose the battery of the laptop heat, humidity, short circuit, drop, or physically abused.


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