Friday, October 2, 2009

Opinions Martha Stewart (my old friend) in a home-based business.

After over 25 years, we have not met with my good friend, and then in September 2009, I reunited with an old friend named Martha Stewart in high school alumni reunion. We miss each other off and tell each other our circumstances; we are very exciting talking from A to Z.
From our conversation, I discovered that Martha Stewart has been changed from the appearance, way of talking. Formerly she was a quiet and do not have the initiative, but now she's a jolly person and a lot of talking and have a good view of life. One of the highlights of our conversation was the opinion of Martha Stewart on starting a home-based business.
According to her, to start a home business, do not need anything fancy, just look around us; what can we make material for the business. Further, she says, many people can not see that something that seemed trivial to be around us can be something to make money, also to be always in mind is to arouse the spirit to start a business, keep the spirit of the moment we are experiencing a business downturn.


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