Sunday, October 18, 2009

Online Credit Card.

Merging Commerce and technology, as one package - included in this merging is the online credit card. With the presence of the Internet, the concept of e-shops or virtual shops on the internet has been increasing. You can shop in this store with an online credit card as payment. After the online credit card payment has been verified and approved, the goods can be sent to the door. This is what we call the best comfort.
With the number of e-shops every day, use of credit cards online is becoming increasingly popular. Possibility to receive credit card payments online, has given a new dimension to shopping. Now, you can not only shop from your home, you can even get discounts on products. This is really extraordinary. No need to bother because of the weather, not to worry about traffic jams or other things. Simply come to the e-shop, select a product, they use a credit card online payment-acceptance facility to make payments, and ready to receive the goods on the doorstep.
However, with the online credit card, cause the emergence of crime or fraud online credit card. Online credit card fraud can happen in two ways. First, regarding the companies that has web sites where you make a purchase payment of goods. This company can take your payment but do not allow goods that you buy. In addition they can use your credit card information for fraudulent purposes. Second, the fraud committed by fraudsters as a provider of software to make payments online. This is the software that is known popularly as spyware and these fraudsters as online Spies. Spy ware works by capturing the keystrokes or take a screen shot of anything you do on your computer and then pass to the spy. However, some anti-spyware software available that can be used to counter such spyware.
So, with the presence of online credit card facility is a benefit. However, you must be careful when making credit card payments online, for example, does not access the bank account or make online credit card payments from internet cafes (unless you are absolutely sure about the trust of internet cafes).


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