Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We can make healthy with Oral Chelation.

Healthy life is everyone's desires.
Health is a state that we crave today. This is because the environments in which we live are contaminated by pollution caused by vehicle fumes, factory waste, and the pattern of unhealthy living (smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.).
So that now many young people easily get disease.
How to achieve a healthy life?
If we look at patterns of our ancestors lives, they always maintain the health, although they did not realize it, for example, always travel with them when walking, they eat lots of fiber, regular sleep patterns and stress levels are very low. But the 21 th Century, it is we rarely do because of advances in technology, if we no longer travel on foot but was using the vehicle, the demands of work make people susceptible to stress or pressure, the number of junk food that is around us so that we tend to eat junk such food.
Now we can see a variety of diseases such as cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, tumors, heart disease, hepatitis, etc. These diseases are very dangerous for our lives. How many lives are lost because of the above-mentioned diseases?
We can reduce the risk of the disease, are routinely checked by a doctor or using oral chelation.
Is that chelation? Chelation is the formation of two or more separate polydentate binding between the ligand and a single central atom. These ligands are typically organic compounds, and called chelants, chelators, Chelating agents, or sequestering agents. Oral chelation is very suitable to deal with diseases associated with blood circulation indicated by the hand, arm or leg feels cold, sore feet when used to walk, etc.
Start living healthy from now.


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