Friday, October 23, 2009

PMP certification for quality assurance.

Have you ever heard the word "certification"? Such as ISO certification, product certification, certification project manager, etc..
Certification is a confirmation of certain characteristics of a body, organization or person, provided by external parties, independent organizations, educational or assessment team. Certification is often encountered in modern society is a professional certification, where a person who has certified competencies and able to complete tasks in accordance with the professional job.
There are two types of certification is a lifetime certification and obtained certification from the graduation test. To obtain certification of test results, usually have a certain valid period, so to extend to conduct re-certification.
In the world of Information Technology (IT), there is also a slightly different certification. Certification is awarded for software tester certification, project management professional (PMP), and the developer.
Implementation of certification at this time could be given online as online PMP certification (Project Management Professional). With the progress in the provision of certification systems online, making it easier for applicants seeking certification in the certification.
As for products, also have a certification, ie whether the product has fulfilled the minimum standard or similar quality assurance.
Certification provided by government agencies for the purpose of public protection and certification by professional associations.


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