Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Treatment to Extend The Computer Life

Working with computers is not a new thing anymore. Almost every person who works can certainly relate to computers.
Current computer technology has experienced rapid enough, in about 1970, computers still use floppy disks to be able to turn it on, but ten years later was known as a hard disk drive. So the computer device is an important tool for our lives everyday.
The development of computer technology is very important cause in running the business, offices, hospitals, traffic lights, and so forth.
If we used computer problems, must be the first time we will feel annoyed and angry, then our job becomes disturbed and we can not finish. We will be confusion with this issue. What shall we do? Calm down buddy, do not have worried.
The first step, find a friend who can and knows how to fix computers. If your friend can not fix the computer, then you need to seek out computer repair.
How to treat computer to be longer in use?
Usually the user computer, rarely noticed computer of cleanliness, they just use it. Computers are used constantly need to be cleaned every day, because with a clean computer can extend the life of computer and can still function properly In the CPU fan is working to reduce the heat that occurs in the processor. If the computer is turned on then the fan will pull the dust around and eventually gets stuck, if the dust is not cleaned it will affect the function of the fan, as the processor cooling. To clean the computer can use an air compressor with a special nozzle. Clean the fan with the air compressor so that the dust on the fan could be lost, and then cleaned using a soft cloth. Air compressor can also be used to clean the keyboard.
Perform regular computer maintenance that life time computer can be longer.


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