Friday, October 16, 2009

The important of holistic dog food.

I once had a dog amounted to 4. I am very fond of these dogs. I take care of these dogs well, bathing, feeding and play with him.
Specialty dog is he can easily be trained so that according to all of our orders. Dogs are loyal animals, can be used as guard dogs.
Dog treatment is not a complicated thing or difficult. Regularly to clean the feathers with bathing and giving powder, treating nails well, if the nails are long, it is necessary to cut out, ear cleaning, eye care and routine check to the vet. Providing complete vaccination and on time.
There should also be noted that the food given to dogs. Usually, dogs were fed a lower quality than food for humans. Dogs also need real food with the same nutritional qualities with humans, or referred to a holistic dog food. Holistic dog food is dog food that contains enough nutrients to live fully for the needs of dogs, holistic dog food because it already contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals and vitamins. If these nutritional needs are met then the dog was given food will be healthy. We would be delighted if we have a healthy dog and lively.


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