Saturday, October 10, 2009

The existence and importance of signboards in public areas

Have you ever lost in a shopping center and could not find a way out? If it is ever possible you're experiencing is you can not find the exit sign or a signboard at the shopping center is not installed correctly.
Signboard seems to be an object that is not important. Often we do not notice these signboards, but when we are confused to find the exit door of a shopping center, then we will search for signboards.
Are signboards like exit signs are useful? Why signboard is needed in a location such as in shopping malls, public places, the streets?
Sign is needed in a location, because not everyone knows the location, especially if the location is very broad and many rooms. At a shopping center location, signboards are required for visitors on shopping centers like directions to exit door or exit sign, directions to the toilet, directions to a store and others. These signboards will be help the visitors to find locations that will go.
Preparation and placement of signboards should be easily seen by every person that makes it easy for these people. For easy viewing, the signboard can be made by using capital letters; EXIT SIGNS with capital letters is very easily seen by anyone who wants to find the exit door.
Installation of signboards should not confuse visitors or people who need these signboards. Thus the purpose of making signboards that can be achieved makes it easy for visitors or those in search of a location.


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