Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caring for your teeth by going to the dentist

Teeth are that can enhance our appearance. Should we take care of your teeth? Many people, especially the developing countries, dental care is very rarely done; they usually just brush their teeth twice a day and they rarely go to the dentist.
What about the people in the developed countries dental care? They are very diligent to the dentist; one of dental care is Stamford Dentist. Their teeth checked regularly to the dentist, because they know the importance of their teeth for life.
Why do they need to take care of your teeth? Because the teeth are vital tool to chew food for us. Functioning teeth to chew food and soften the food before we swallow. Because every day we are always eating, so much leftover food that was stuck between the teeth, if the rest of these foods we do not clean it will be able to grow the bacteria, which can damage the teeth. Tooth roots also in many nerves.
How do I take care of your teeth? Frequently rinse after meals and brush your teeth, so that leftover food does not stick to the teeth. Do not eat or drink hot or cold. Frequent and routine medical checks his teeth.
So....Keep Smile


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